Booby trapped greeting card

This image is of a booby-trapped Greeting card. In the X-ray you can see the battery, release switch, electronic board, metallic fragments (nails) & explosive device (detonator & explosives).

Pipe IED from Training Kit

The image is of a pipe IED taken with the FlashX. In the X-ray, you can see two metal pipes filled with explosive simulant, two AA batteries, DTMF, cellular phone and a detonator.

Leech (mercury) tilt IED

The image is of a leech (mercury) tilt IED from Vidisco’s Training Kit. In the image you can see the external view, the X-ray and a dual energy X-ray. See organic, inorganic and metallic materials in different colors. In the middle you can see a magnet, on the left an on/off switch, an electric board on top and on the right, the mercury tilt as well as the battery.

Tire IED

The image is of a tire IED from Vidisco’s Training Kit. In the image you can see the external view, the X-ray and an X-ray with the XR=DE Plus, dual energy device. Organic explosive material is in orange‚ metallic components in blue and soft inorganic materials are green. The X-ray shows a tire with metal debris, timer mechanism on the right and a photo electric mechanism on the left.

Munitions Testing with FlashX

This Mortar was X-rayed with the Vidisco FlashX panel and the XRS-3 X-ray source at a munitions test site.  The image is great as it shows both light and heavier components while not losing critical information

Dual Energy with Water

X-ray image of IED utilizes Vidisco’s dual energy capabilities - liquid is clearly seen in orange

Rocket Motor

EOD device penetrated with FlaxhX, seeing all the intricate details.

Pipe Bomb

The Window Leveling tool used to expose the relevant greay levels in the pipe bomb (X-rayed with the RayzorX).

Clock IED

With our XR-DE Plus Dual Energy Module, a simple clock can not only be X-rayed, but an organic detection can be achieved in seconds. 

Chocolate Box IED

This simple IED, hidden in a chocolate box, was X-rayed with only 5 pulses with the RayzorX panel and a Golden XRS-3 and requires no further image enhancement.

155 mm IED Shell

Superb penetration achieved while utilizing the adaptive histogram tool on this heavy IED device.

Suitcase Bomb

A crystal clear image of a suitcase bomb. The sharpening tool is utilized for fine detail enhancement.

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