DR Technology is Safer than Traditional Film or CR (Computerized Radiography) Technologies



Digital radiography systems allow maximum safety for the operator while facilitating the inspection process. Vidisco’s systems meets the specific needs of the industry, and offer a solution better suited than that of traditional film or CR (Computerized Radiography).


Using digital X-ray, only one approach to the inspected object is necessary in order to receive an image. In comparison with film or CR technology, where at least two approaches are necessary, DR is a much safer operation.


Another factor that makes DR systems safer is the short time-to-image. An image can be received in mere seconds and on site, which enables executing quick life saving actions. Using film or CR delays the response time as the film or image plate need to be developed or scanned.


Moreover, DR systems have a long life span and reusability is unlimited. The operator can take endless shots and will never run out of film at a critical moment. Vidisco’s digital X-ray systems are fully battery operated. Batteries last over five hours, thus there is no need to change batteries down range and power is guaranteed during the entire inspection process.


Using DR allows instant reshoots and image tweaking in order to inspect and analyze on site, as opposed to film or CR where the need to reshoot is not discovered instantly.


DR is safer also due to the ability to control the X-ray source from afar and due to the low dose required for a good image. Using film or CR technology is less safe due to the necessity to operate the X-ray source near the suspected object and the relatively higher dose required in order to receive a good image.


Vidisco’s DR systems are portable and convenient, since all equipment is packed in a single case or backpack which also serves as an operational platform. Vidisco’s system can be carried to any location, and sometimes a small flight of stairs on the way to an inspection site can make all the difference. Film or CR technology requires carrying much heavier equipment.


In addition to being extremely safe, DR is also more environmentally friendly. As opposed to film or CR, no consumables are needed, no physical storage is needed and long term documentation is easy with a comprehensive database that offers search filters and sharing options.


Images generated by Vidisco systems are high quality images and have a dynamic range of 14-16 bit, high resolution and excellent SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and CNR (Contrast-to-Noise Ratio).


Digital X-ray is the ultimate solution for the operator, combining safety and operation convenience anywhere, anytime.



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