Vidisco in the Service of Forensics (CSI) 

By Tamir Aluma and Rachel Lieberman


If you have ever watched any one of a dozen CSI television programs, you have undoubtedly seen how a forensic team works at a crime scene. Even in the fantasy world of TV crime shows, keeping the crime scene intact is a top priority.


CSI investigation is indeed a complex field requiring considerable amounts of time, technical capabilities, precision, experienced personnel, and no less important – advanced technological solutions. Every crime scene is delicate requiring fast, clean and precise evidence collection.


While work methods vary among CSI teams, both field and laboratory work are inevitable parts of the investigation. Vidisco has created an ideal solution for these types of users in the form of a portable inspection system that can assist in evidence collection while ensuring a shortened analysis time, less manpower and multiple inspection levels for both laboratory and on-scene investigation.


If, for example, we take a fire investigation crime scene where the goal is to go on scene, collect evidence, conduct tests in the lab, and then compile a report of the team’s final determination, Vidisco’s comprehensive Digital  Radiography system has the ability to dramatically facilitate and improve the entire process. 


Radiography system has the ability to dramatically
facilitate and improve the entire process. 


The Vidisco flat panel system enables the fire investigation team to X-ray any object without its physical removal from the scene. Suspicious evidence and objects (including furniture, electrical appliances, chemical residue and household products) are X-rayed in seconds. There are no running costs or consumables – the inspection process is clean, environment-friendly and most important - immediate.


Examining faulty wiring


The entire digital radiography system is operational within minutes. The three simple setup steps include connection, deployment and image acquisition. Real-time images are available on site, with no need for manual labor. The amount of manpower required at the scene is dramatically reduced, as is the amount of evidence needed to be taken back to the laboratory.


Vidisco’s flat panel systems for CSI work provide unrivalled, top-quality images and they are the most field-ready systems worldwide.  X-ray images are automatically saved in the database and no information is erased. X-ray images can easily be located in the database even months after the investigation has been completed. No physical storage of film is required since everything is stored on a laptop. Special software tools enable the user to gain enhanced results in the form of super clear images.


Faulty electrical wiring in toaster


All of the evidence collected on site and in the lab is digitally stored in Vidisco’s proprietary Xbitsoftwaredatabase and can be presented as evidence in a court of law. The data is easily shared and thanks to these precise tools, post-fire reports are configured scientifically and accurately.


This unique blend of attributes and features bring us to the bottom line – Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems save precious time and money for the CSI investigation team.

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