Soldiers are faced with IEDs; Vidisco’s Digital Radiography systems can be easily used to find and confirm IEDs 


A video released by the IDF during “Operation Protective Edge” shows how soldiers discover and blow up an IED found in the wall of a house. Vidisco’s X-ray systems can be used to identify IEDs in field conditions.
During the military conflict “Operation Protective Edge” this summer, Israeli troops often found themselves in situations where they needed to enter houses in the Gaza strip. They understood that having to enter such houses means facing danger that can come from a great variety of sources.

One of the many threats that IDF forces came across was the booby-trapped house. There were such instances where IEDs were found in hidden places such as in bags and inside bags of cement placed in the openings or inside houses. One of the videos released during Operation Protective Edge shows soldiers that discovered an IED in an opening of a wall of a civilian house. According to the soldiers, these IED had enough explosives to take out half the platoon. The video also shows how the soldiers blow up the IED they found in the house as well as an additional IED they found on the road.
One of the best ways to confirm that a suspected object is an IED or to discover IEDs in hidden places like inside walls is to use digital radiography. Vidisco’s digital radiography systems can be easily carried and set up anywhere and are able to produce images within seconds.
IEDs can be x-rayed in such situations for several other purposes:


1- To see the inside of the IED so that it could be dissembled

2-  In order to learn the makings of the IED so that it could be matched with the terror organization that made it
As is seen in the video clip, the IED is very close to the wall. Vidisco manufactures the RayzorX, the thinnest panel available in the market today, only 13mm thin. This panel can be inserted between the IED and the wall safely and easily. Even if the IED was leaning against the wall and the panel could not be inserted, Vidisco’s systems are so sensitive that the panel can be placed on the other side of the wall and a clear image would still be produced at the click of a button (see images).


X-raying a pipe bomb from behind a wall
X-ray of the pipe bomb from behind the wall 
X-ray of the same pipe bomb with the panel placed directly behind the bomb (not behind the wall)
Vidisco is dedicated to providing the most up to date, cutting-edge digital radiography solutions to help save lives in the field. Our products keep on improving with recently released wireless features and a variety of panels that can easily fit in a backpack and be carried anywhere.**Vidisco or Vidisco’s systems were not connected to the operation seen in the video clip


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