Vidisco's Systems are Sandia's XTK Integrated!

X-Ray Toolkit (XTK), an image-processing and analysis software developed at Sandia National Laboratories, has been adopted by the military and emergency response communities in the United States and around the world. 

Vidisco is proud to be the first portable X-ray solutions company fully integrated with Sandia's XTK!

In a successful collaboration with Sandia, Vidisco has adapted its systems to full and complete work with Sandia's software. This integration means that the bomb tech can work with any of Vidisco's systems and use Sandia's XTK as the systems operation software. The XTK assists the bomb tech in every step of the system operation from planning X-ray exposures to transmitting images out of the field. The software tools can help optimize X-rays, identify critical device components, create 3-D visualizations, stitch multiple images together using the Vidisco Slider solution to cover large objects and compress large images for transmission. XTK also offers file management, measurement, markup, image-sharing tools and the ability to create training scenarios and after-action reports.





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