Digital X-ray in Forensics
Crime investigation requires the fast and clean collection of uncontaminated evidence at the crime scene. Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems are ideal for forensic investigation as they can easily be carried to and set up at the crime scene. By using the wireless mode, evidence and crime scenes remain uncontaminated by human touch.


Collection of Forensic Evidence


The combination of an unrivaled penetration capability - seeing 2 mm of lead behind 80 mm of steel - alongside high resolution enables the delivery of detailed, superior-quality images on the spot. Comprehensive documentation in Vidisco’s proprietary database can be conducted on the scene, facilitating exact collection of forensic evidence and its recording.

Collection of Forensic Evidence
Forensic Investigation


The Dual Energy Module for Collection of Forensic Evidence


Using the XR-DE Plus Dual Enery Module enables the capture of multiple X-ray images of an item, while differentiating between organic and inorganic materials. With XR-DE Plus, Vidisco is the only Company in the market with a proven Dual Energy Module for pulsed X-ray sources, which produces Dual Energy images with portable digital radiology inspection systems.


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