Digital X-ray in the Service of Customs Authorities


Digital X-ray is an effective tool used for the detection of smuggled explosives, drugs and contraband for customs inspections. Custom authorities are exposed to the possibility of law suits resulting from intrusive/destructive tests they might be required to conduct. Digital X-ray can help them avoid such implications because they can for example check the contents of packages or a suspected vehicle for smuggled goods without causing damage to the inspected item.


Vidisco flat panels are 100 times more sensitive than film, offering the best penetration levels in the market making the search for illegal items easier and more effective. Vehicle and container/packing inspections are non-intrusive: There is no need to dismantle the object (which increases the risk of legal litigation, and is both time consuming and costly) - Portable Digital Radiography makes it possible to “see inside” the item quickly, while leaving it intact.

Customs Inspection
Airport X-Ray Security

Airport X-Ray Security


Vidisco’s XR-DE Plus module enables the detection of narcotics, contraband, explosives and other organic materials on site. This Dual Energy detection can be performed on a vehicle, package or any other item under inspection. Within seconds, an airport x-ray security operator can view the organic / inorganic substances in different colors on display.


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