Digital X-ray for Border Inspection


Border security officials need to be able to conduct effective inspections while not disturbing the flow of people, vehicles and goods via their border control station. With the increasing sophistication on behalf of the smugglers, criminals and terror groups, border security units have had to increase their technologies arsenal to fight these perpetrators.

Border Inspection
Border Inspection of Suspicious Objects

Border X-Ray


Vidisco′s unique digital portable X-ray system in a backpack adds another weapon to the inspectors′ arsenal, allowing for usage on ships and other hard-to-reach locations, as well as in ambushes along main transporting routes thus giving the controllers an extra edge. Vidisco’s portable X-ray systems can be set up in just minutes and there is no need to dismantle any of the suspicious objects during inspection, therefore making the border x-ray process quick, safe and unobtrusive.


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