All in one power and communication box, enables to operate the system wired or wireless without the need for extra devices. The Combox, small and lightweight at only 400g (~0.8lbs) and just 30mm (~1.2") in thickness, provides charging capabilities down the line and is removable as well, so it can be connected to different display units (laptops & tablets) through a single USB3 (detachable) connector.

Alpha Panel

The Alpha is a cost-effective smart panel, thin (15.6 mm), lightweight system (only 3kg) that saves you time and effort. Featuring a Wi-Fi module, the Alpha saves set-up time and costs. When you invest in the Alpha, you no longer need additional system components, keeping your work flow simple and easy. The high resolution, dynamic range of 16 bit and 148 microns along with minimal dead imaging space makes the Alpha the leading smart panel.

Ruggedized Tablet

A ruggedized tablet upgrade option is now available for greater convenience and mobility in the field. The 11.6'' tablet is field tested and weatherproof, fully rugged & offers long operating hours. The tablet  provides easy switch from stationary to mobile work position and daylight readable screen. The system will be operated as always with the proprietary VEO software. 

High Power WifiX

The high Power WiFiX provides wireless communication for Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray system of up to one mile (line of site). It is small and lightweight, weighing only 620 g (1.5 lb.). It can easily connect to the laptop and panel or ICU of Vidisco’s portable X-ray systems and it enables operation from a substantial distance. Operation from afar increases the safety of the operator as only one approach is necessary (or no approach with a robot) to get a great image. As with the rest of Vidisco’s systems, this accessory can easily be controlled with the VEO software.

Silicon Cover

The silicon protective cover for the RayzorX provides extra protection for use in the field. It is lightweight and especially designed to protect the digital flat panel against scratches and dents. The silicon cover offers increased flexibility in the setup process as it is compatible with the RayzorX's tripod mount and with the imager holder. The cover is provided free of charge with the purchase of a new RayzorX portable digital X-ray system.

FlashX Panel

This superior rugged portable and battery operated flat panel is just 25mm thin and provides for the best all around imaging capability. While weighing only 4.8kg, this panel has the largest imaging area: 34.2 X 43.2cm (13.5X17 in). FlashX has unmatched penetration while providing 16bit (65,536 Grey levels) images. For more information, please see the FlashX system page.

SparX Panel

The SparX is a top quality panel system at an affordable price which was designed to meet the demands and based on the feedback of security operators who use our systems regularly. The panel is compatibility with 1.6 km WiFi option and with Vidisco’s new rugged tablet.  It is rugged, lightweight, has high resolution of 127 micron pixel and a 16 bit dynamic range.

Imager Holding Kits for Digital Flat Panels

Vidisco provides imager holding kits and clips that clasp the flat panels on the side and increase their stability when being positioned in the field. There are two types of imager holders (one for BoltX and the other for other panels) and a holding clip (for RayzorX). Imager holders have a bipod that is smaller than a standard tripod and the imager clip for RayzorX is even smaller, thus stability is provided for the panels while their footprint is not increased to the size of a standard tripod*. The Imager holder kits are designed to be used with flat panels, whether they are inserted into their panel covers or not.
* Tripod not provided

RayzorX Panel

The 100% portable and battery operated RayzorX flat panel is just 13mm thin fits into the tightest spots, being the thinnest imager in the world. 3.5kg only, this panel is unmatched in X-ray handling capability. Top-quality X-ray imaging is achieved instantly with 14 bit (16,384 Grey levels) images. For more information, please see the RayzorX system page.

Tripod Mounts*

The various tripod mounts* provided by Vidisco are designed to fit their assigned panels perfectly (The “X shaped” mount for BlazeX and the “Boomerang” mount for RayzorX). Other panels (FlashX and BoltX), the ICU-X and Vidisco’s FoXrayIIe VCU imagers have built-in tripod mounts. Installing the tripod mount is easy, with just a simple screwing on of the mount onto the flat panel. For maximum operation flexibility, the tripod mount is designed to operate also when a panel cover is used. All tripod mounts are compatible with standard off the shelf tripods**.
* Compatible with standard tripods
** Tripod not provided

BoltX Panel

This CMOS technology based panel is extremely small, weighs only 1.5kg and has a high resolution of 75 micron. With an imaging area of 14.5X11.5cm (5.7X4.5in), this panel can be carried easily to every location. Using the BoltX, the operator will enjoy easy positioning in tight spots. For more information, please see the BoltX system page.

DC/AC Car Inverter

Vidisco portable X-ray systems can also be operated using a DC/AC car inverter so that they receive their poser from a nearby vehicle. DC power and data is pushed down the line, thus enabling operation for an unlimited amount of time and preventing the need to go downrange to replace batteries. With the use of a standard DC/AC car inverter device, the vehicle becomes as a power source that is available to the security operator out in the field.

WiFiX Digital Wireless Solution

The WiFiX kit provides wireless communication for a Vidisco portable X-ray system of up to 300m (line of site). The kit includes a transceiver, which is easily connected to the system laptop via a USB port, a mounting bracket for easier elevated placement, an extra USB extension cable and two omni7 black antennas. When used with more powerful Omni 8 antennas, WiFiX can provide extended distance of 500m for wireless communication.


XR-150 Pulsed X-ray Source

This pulsed X-ray source from Golden Engineering produces an energy pulse of 150KVP and can shoot 99 pulses at a rate of 10 pulses per seconds. This smallest member of the Golden portable pulsed X-ray source family has dimensions of 26.5 cm (10.5”) X 8 cm (3”) X 19 cm (7.5”) and weighs only 2Kg (approx. 4.5lbs). It is powered by a removable 7.2V Nickel-Cadmium sub C cells (6) battery.

Rugged Case

Take Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray system anywhere packed in its rugged case.  This case is made to handle the most extreme weather and terrain. The entire system fits into the case and serves as a workstation. The rugged cases come in several configurations and have special features including a detachable workstation and cable reel. These and other special features allow you to X-ray virtually anywhere and make Vidisco’s systems the most portable in the field.


The VCU10e is the standard VCU offered with a FoxRayIIe system. Its dimensions are 380 X 260 X 140mm (~ 14.9 X 10.2 X 5.5 inch) and it offers images with a resolution of 1.4 lp/mm, 40AWG. It weighs 5.55 kg and is fully battery operated, working for over 14 days on one charge. For more information, please see the FoXrayIIe system page.

WXR Wireless X-ray

The WXR kit is compatible with the new 5 pin Golden X-ray source and enables wireless communication between the X-ray source and the Vidisco ICU-X, thus reducing the number of cables required for setting up digital X-ray equipment down range. The WXR is battery free, drawing its power form the X-ray source, to which it is connected via the 5 pin socket.

Scene Camera (External Camera)

The scene camera (external camera) accessory can be connected to the ICU-X and the Golden X–ray source and provide images of the testing site during the radiography inspection. The scence camera can monitor the visual signs of an unknown threat on site. When connected to a FoXrayIIe VCU, this camera can also provide live video footage. The scene pictures and videos can be stored alongside the digital X-ray images and be shared for future analysis and learning.



XR-200 Pulsed X-ray Source

Golden Engineering's XR-200 pulsed X-ray source completes a cycle of 99 pulses in 3.96 seconds and produces x-ray at an energy level of 150KVP. It weighs 5.5 Kgs (~12lbs) and is powered with a 14.4V rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium battery. It is 31.75 cm (12.5”) long, 11.5 cm (4.5”) wide and 19 cm (7.5”) high and is compatible with Vidisco’s XR-DE and XR-DE plus devices.

Undercover Case

Stay inconspicuous with Vidisco’s civilian case.  This undercover case is a “common” Samsonite suitcase on wheels, like the ones you see in every airport or train station. It allows the operator to carry the digital X-ray system with drawing un-needed attention. The civilian case also fits the entire system and doubles as a workstation.

Rugged Laptop

Vidisco’s systems can come with a ruggedized laptop upgrade option. The ruggedized laptop is especially fit for field use as it is reliable, durable and lightweight (2.3 kg). It has a very bright 10.4” LCD with Dual Touch or Touchscreen, extra-long battery life and is water and dust resistant. It is also drop-tested and is MIL Standard approved. It is the perfect laptop to use in extreme conditions.


The medium size VCU16e dimensions are is 560 X 410 X 210mm (~22 X 16 X 8.2 inch), with an imaging area of 30.5 X 40cm (~12 X 16 inch). Like all Vidisco’s VCUs it can operate in a wireless mode or with power cables and cab be integrated to be used with a robot. For more information, please see the FoXrayIIe system page.

SmartX150 for Extended Wired Communication of 200 Meters

The SmartX150 extension reel holds a 150m cable. Thus when connecting it to the 50m of cable already provided in the Vidisco portable digital X-ray system (note that a Vidisco backpack system configuration is provided with only 35m cable), a maximum distance of 200m wired connection can be achieved. Power and data are transmitted down the line to enable controlling the X-ray process from afar, providing the crucial safety factor for the security operator.

Filter Pocket covers for FlashX and BlazeX Flat Panels

The filter pocket covers provide protection against wear of panels .As its name suggests, the operator can also easily insert filter plates (such as tungsten or tin) adjacent to the panel, in the front pocket of the filter cover for BlazeX and FlashX flat panels, so that the flat panel and its filters are carried as one unit to the inspection site. The filter pocket covers for BlazeX and FlashX are designed to facilitate positioning of the panel in the field with a tripod* (the BlazeX can be inserted into the cover with its tripod mount* installed, the FlashX panel has a built in tripod mount). The imager holder kit provides an additional positioning accessory, as it holds the flat panel with or without its filter by clasping it on the side.

* Compatible with standard tripods



XRS-3 Pulsed X-ray Source

From the Golden Engineering pulsed X-ray source family, XRS-3 is the most suitable for security operation, providing the correct balance between size and and penetration capabilities. Weighing 5.4 Kgs and with dimensions of  35.6 cm (14”)X 11.5 cm (4.5”)X 19 cm (7.5”) it is still a convenient size to carry, while providing powerful 270KVP maximum photon energy, thus enabling high penetration capabilities when used with Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems. The XRS-3 is compatible with Vidisco’s XR-DE and XR-DE plus devices, enabling for the first time the generation of Dual Energy imaging at a high energy level of 270KVP.


Now Vidisco’s digital X-ray systems can come with a ruggedized tablet upgrade for greater convenience and mobility for field users. The 11.6'' tablet is easy to carry and hold, is field tested and weatherproof, fully rugged & offers long operating hours. It also has a daylight readable screen. It is easier than ever to switch from stationary to mobile work position. 


The Vidisco backpack is especially designed to carry an entire digital X-ray system and also serve as a workstation. It is light and ergonomically designed to make it as comfortable as possible to carry in the field. It is well padded, have comfortable shoulder and waist straps and two carrying handles. A great deal of thought and engineering efforts were invested to make sure it has the right weight distribution and that the system will be packed into the backpack in such a way that enables the quickest dispatch.

IED/EOD Training Kit

The Training Kit is a collection of professional IED/EOD dummy items for training purposes. The items contain real bomb mechanisms so the operator can practice X-raying the objects and see realistic X-ray results. The kit is geared for training new members of a unit or for a periodic refresher course.
This special selection of IED props provides the opportunity to get unique training tools for the best operating and identification methods. Its main goal is to familiarize the user with  the abilities and work processes of Vidisoc's portable x-ray systems, but may be used for further training goals as well.

Slider XL

The Slider XL, quadruples the scanning area of the FlashX without compromising the resolution, penetration and dynamic range. This new accessory can scan large areas of up to 840 mm x 660 mm. The Slider XL, working with the FlashX and digital radiography system offers a dynamic range of 16 bit (65,536 grey levels), resolution of ~3.5 lp/mm (behind 3mm of steel) and a penetration which allows you to see 2 mm of lead behind 80 mm of steel. The Slider XL is ideal for field use as it is self-standing, portable, fully battery operated and has a built-in wireless option. 

Extension Reels for Increased Wired Connection Distances

Vidisco provides an extension reel in a standalone configuration in order to facilitate extended distances for wired communication in the field between the testing equipment down range (ICU, flat panel and x-ray source) and the control unit (laptop) up range. The cables provided for this reel are available in the lengths of 50m, 65m and 100m. With the 50m cable provided with a Vidisco portable X-ray system in a case, the wired communication distance can be increased to 150m when using this accessory.

XR-DE Plus Dual Energy Module

Dual Energy is a digital radiology imaging algorithm that enables the capture of multiple X-ray images of an item, while differentiating between organic and inorganic materials. Compatible with airport security standards, the Orange hue in the X-ray image implies organic materials, while a Green shade indicates soft inorganic materials (such as glass). Blue is the color used for "hard" inorganic (metallic) substances. With XR-DE Plus, Vidisco is the only Company in the market with a proven Dual Energy Module for pulsed X-ray sources, which produces Dual Energy images with portable digital radiology inspection systems.


Protective Cover for RayzorX Flat Panel

The cushioned, lightweight protective cover for RayzorX is especially designed for field use and provides extra protection for the digital flat panel enabling seamless work when using it for X-ray out doors. The panel is easily inserted into its covering, and both are carried to the suspect object as one unit. The RayzorX flat panel protective cover can be used with a tripod mount* already in place as well as with the imager holder, thus further increasing setup flexibility. It is optional to conveniently place panel filters in the protective cover, when required.
* Compatible with standard tripods



XRS-4 Pulsed X-ray Source

Recently introduced by Golden Engineering, the XRS-4 is the largest portable pulsed X-ray source provided by Golden up to date. It produces maximum photon energy of 300KVP and is the only Golden source that can shoot 200 pulses continuously. The XRS-4 is powered by an 18V rechargeable battery, but can also operate with a 14.4V removable battery. Although relatively large, it is portable and provides powerful X-ray capabilities in the field.

Slider 2X2

The Silder 2x2 enables the use of a RayzorX flat panel to take a maximum of 4 consecutive X-ray images without repeated approach to the suspect item. The panel and ICU are easily attached to the devise up-range and carried as one to the inspection site. An imaging area of 44 X 44cm is achieved, while all the panel’s imaging characteristics (dynamic range, pixel size, etc) are maintained.