Vidisco's RayzorX Pro System was utilized in Radiographic Testing of a Rare Artifact

Vidisco systems assist in NDT of rare crusader sword

From The NDT Technician, Vol. 13, No.3. Used with the permission of The American Society for Nondestructive Testing, Inc


Vidisco systems were utilized in RT testing of a rare crusader iron sword now exhibited at the Israel museum in Jerusalem. An article by Dr. Oz Golan was published in the April 2014 edition of ASNT’s  NDT Technician newsletter.

Vidisco’s A-Si system, RayzorX Pro for NDT inspections, has been featured in a recent article about X-ray inspections for NDT applications in the service of art research. The article details the research procedure and results as conducted by O. Golan from the Afeka Academic College, K. Raphael from the Hebrew University and D. Ashkenazi of the Tel-Aviv University. The rare sword was recently acquired by a private collector and brought to the Vidisco Ltd. laboratory for x-ray inspection. It is now on display at the Israel museum in Jerusalem.
The article was published in the TNT newseltter in the link

“A publication such as this one supports the fact that Vidisco has a quality product, which is used in various NDT applications around the world. Such an endorsement makes us very happy. We also believe that the readers of the NDT Technician will be interested to read about this special research as well as about our advanced equipment and how it may serve to help them in their NDT work.” says Ofra Kleinberger-Riedrich, Vidisco’s Marcom Manager.

Vidisco Ltd is a manufacturer that specializes in portable X-ray systems, which are marketed in 75 countries. In the NDT field, Vidisco's systems are also used for many purposes such as pipe inspections in the oil and gas industry. The equipment is also used in the shipyard, power and aerospace industries for weld inspections. Furthermore, today, digital X-ray is also used for examinations of artwork and archeological artifacts to determine authenticity and defects. Vidisco is also active in the security and veterinary fields.


  Vidisco Ltd featured at NDT technician crusader sword x-ray