RayzorX Pro High Energy Compatible Portable X-ray System


In non destructive testing, attaining an image with the highest detail is of utmost importance. BAM laboratories inspected the RayzorX Pro system for Al-6061 according to ASME E2597-07 standard. The imager received exceptional results as it substantially exceeded the requirements of compatibility. The RayzorX Pro portable digital radiography system is the thinnest imager ever produces, (just 13mm deep) so it can easily fit in the tightest of spots. The system offers excellent penetration of 2 mm of lead detected behind 70 mm of steel and top-quality X-ray imaging: 14 bit (16,384 grey levels) images and 3.5 lp/mm resolution.

Vidisco′s portable digital radiography systems offer integrated wireless options, and can be set up in minutes .The RayzorX Pro imager provides superior image quality, enabling the highest detection level in the market. Fast image generation, proprietary software with enhancement analysis tools and efficient operation all combine to dramatically accelerate inspection, increasing NDT profitability.


RayzorX Pro Technical Configurations*

Rugged Case (STD)


Dual Use (Lab & Field)

Extreme Temperature

Civilian Case




Rugged Case

Rugged Small Case

Rugged Case

Rugged Case or Backpack

Civilian Case

Ergonomic Backpack

Chaser Case

Default Computer

Standard Laptop (Rugged Laptop Optional)

Desktop Station

Standard Laptop + Desktop Station

Rugged Laptop

Standard Laptop

Rugged Laptop


CDU to ICU Cables

50m cable on removable reel

35m Cable

Data here50m cable on removable reel +35m Cable

35m Tactical Cable on reel

50m cable on removable reel

35m cable on built-in reel




Interface Box: 2 units


Extreme Temperature Resistance Test: -20 to+40 degrees Celsius



Additional Imager to an Existing System. ICU to Imager Cable Included

RayzorX Pro Technical Specifications**


RayzorX Pro

Imaging Area (mm):

222 X 222 mm (~8.7 X 8.7”)

Imaging Area Position:

5 mm from bottom, 7 mm from left side

Imager Size:

360 X 330 X 13 mm (h,w,d) (~14.2 X 13 X 0.5”)

Imager Weight:

3.5 Kg (~7.7 lbs)

Dynamic Range:

14 bit (16,384 Grey Levels)


3.5 lp/mm

Pixel Pitch:

143 µm

Robust, Field Design:


Battery Operation:

Over 5 hours

Battery Power Level Indication:

ICU & Software

Charge During Nonstop AC Operation:


Support Vehicle DC/AC Inverter:



Various Plug & Play accessories supported


Advanced proprietary Xbit Pro software for NDT applications

* All configurations (except Chaser) include: Flat RayzorX Pro panel (DDA) , ICU-X, operating system, 3m ICU to imager cable, AC cables, X-ray cable (default: Golden), laptop, I.Box, Xbit Pro proprietary software, backup and definition CDs, complimentary Vidisco Images Viewer, tripod mount, imager holder , shoulder strap, protective cover, user manuals CD & quick-start guide in English, 1 year warranty in English. System configurations are subject to market changes and manufacturer specifications.

** Specifications are subject to market changes and manufacturer updates.

*** RayzorX Pro is also available as an additional imager to an existing Vidisco system. As all panels are interchangeable, using with various panels while working with one system is possible.


Setup Images: 

RayzorX Pro Digital Radiography System in Case
RayzorX Pro Digital Radiography System in Case

X-ray Images: 

Digital X-ray of Weld Defects with IQI
Digital X-ray of Weld Defects with IQI



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