• 50 µm and Real Time capabilities
  • Class B ISO 17636-2 compliant
  • 100% battery operated
  • Imaging from the edge
  • High Quality Image
  • Fast communication
  • Fully portable X-ray system
  • Excellent for field use
  • High Quality with Low Price
  • Large imaging Area
  • Fully wireless
  • Lightweight and Rugged
  • World’s thinnest panel
  • Outstanding penetration
  • Top-quality X-ray imaging
  • Lightweight and thin


Vidisco’s portable digital radiography systems are the perfect solution for your NDT Needs. As the leading portable radiography systems manufacturer for the past 25 years, Vidisco understands the needs of the NDT industry.

Putting an emphasis on image accuracy, portability and user-friendliness is just the beginning. Vidisco’s uses cutting-edge technology to create systems that are robust, fully battery operated and wireless. All systems enable grabbing instant pristine X-ray images and come with proprietary software that can be used for on-the-spot analysis.
Come and explore the newest generation of state-of-the-art inspection equipment, the X Pro Series, and choose the system most suitable for your needs.



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