Weld with Duplex Wire


X-ray image of weld with duplex wire taken with the BoltX Pro system.

Corner Weld of Ship’s Hull


In this image the different thicknesses of the corner weld of the ship’s hull can be seen, along with IQI which is clearly visible. 

Welded 9mm Steel Plate


Image of welded 9mm steel plate with defects taken with the RayzorX Pro portable digital X-ray system.

Cracked Pressure Vessel


Tiny cracks are visible in this image of a pressure vessel.

Welding Defects Tester Inspected by BAM 5


Image of a welding defects tester taken by BAM 5 laboratories using the Rayzor X Pro. BAM 5 found that the panel exceeded ASME standard E2597-07 requirements.

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