Rubber Woven Conveyor Belt

An X-ray image of a rubber woven conveyor belt, 15 mm thick sample with a grinder. The defect is clearly seen, as is the weave  pattern of the fabric. The image was taken with a Golden XRS-3 source, shot with 10 pulses at a 500mm distance.

8" Pipe, 3.5mm Wall Thickness

This image is of an 8" pipe, 3.5mm wall thickness (nominal) which was shot with Vidisco's BoltX Pro (Cmos based Imager) along with a Comet X-ray source, ~1mm focal spot at 0.75m SDD (Source-Detector-Distance), 130kV, 4.6mA, 1.2Sec exposure. The image quality with the BoltX Pro exceeds the ISO 17636-2 Class A requirements and is capable of performing Class B applications. 

V-Shaped Weld


This image of a V-shaped weld was taken with an XRS-3 X-ray source. The defects are very clearly seen in the image

Open Valve


Thick iron and thin insulation are visible in this X-ray image of an open valve.

pressure vessel


Image of stainless steel pressure vessel weld taken with RayzorX Pro, which is seen in the photo with its protective cover.

Insulated Pipe with Wall Loss


X-ray image of insulated pipe with wall reduction. The system was calibrated with a ball and then wall loss was measured.

Wall Thickness Measurement


X-ray of pipe of which the wall thickness measurement and line profile tools in the Xbit Pro software is being used.

Inspection Under Insulation


X-ray of inspection under insulation. Image is enhanced using the histogram tool of the Xbit Pro software.

Clean vs. Corrosion


An image depicting 2 pipes, one with corrosion and the other without. The image was enhanced with the Emboss tool of the Xbit Pro software.

Corroded Pipe


X-ray image of pipe with corrosion in the Oil and Gas industry.

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