Carbon Fiber Sample

This image of a carbon fiber sample was taken at an Aerospace testing facility where the customer tested the capabilities of the  BoltX Pro system. 

Test Pattern


This is an X-ray image of a test pattern with zoom to 20 lp/mm.


Aircraft Fatigue Cracks


X-ray image for the Aerospace industry of a lap joint with fatigue cracks.


Jet Engine Blades


X-ray of a jet engine blades cast with defects.


Honeycomb Composite Materials


Image of honeycomb composite materials before repair.


Aircraft Honeycomb Structure Defects


X-ray image of a G100 Astra aircraft honeycomb with various defects.

Aircraft Window Corrosion


This image shows corrosion of a window frame in an aging plane.


Honeycomb Composite Material Delamination


B777 HF panel antenna apex BL0 front edge stabilizer delamination.


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