How DR Saves Valuable Time During the Production Process

Digital radiography systems are used for various NDT applications around the world, including shipyards, oil and gas, aerospace, munitions, construction and art. One of the constant production bottlenecks in these fields is the radiography inspections, which need to be accomplished in a very short time in order to increase productivity.


This challenge can be met using Vidisco’s DR systems, which provide instant high quality images on site and allow executing high standard radiographic inspections in various locations. Valuable time can be saved during the production process, due to low doses which allow small area closures. Using Vidisco’s systems, great image sensitivity is easily achieved, even with a pulsed X-ray source.


DR technology saves valuable time and thus proves preferable than film. When working with film, production is executed during day time while X-ray inspections are carried out at night. Developing and analyzing the film during the following day delays inspection results, thus slowing down the production process. In addition, since time is of value, the desire to avoid reshoots might lead to compromise on image quality.


When working with DR, X-ray inspections can be conducted during day time in parallel to the production process. Immediate results are received on site, allowing instant repair actions when required. The instant image which is received enables immediate image quality verification, and eliminates the need to return to the inspection site later on for reshooting. This allows for uncompromised image quality.


Images generated by Vidisco’s digital portable battery-operated systems have a dynamic range of 14-16 bit, high resolution and excellent SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) and CNR (Contrast-to-Noise Ratio). These instantly received high quality images prove digital X-ray as the ultimate solution for the NDT operator.



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