Pipe X-ray Inspection in the Petrochemical Industry


Vidisco’s cutting edge portable digital X-ray systems are widely used in the Oil and Gas industry - mostly in the downstream sector but also in the upstream sector (oil and gas wells) digital radiography technology delivers highly efficient solutions to inspection needs for pressure vessels (pipes, boilers, valves) according to international standards (ASME, API).


Pipe Radiography


Using Vidisco's DR systems during service operations and even in the manufacturing process offers immediate high quality, high contrast, X-ray images. Digital radiography can easily reveal not just corrosion and erosion but also precise measurement of pipes' wall thickness and weld quality. Technicians can continue using the same isotopes and industrial sources they have been using when shifting Vidisco’s portable DR systems.

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Pipe Radiography



Vidisco Systems Dramatically Reduce Exposure Times When Using Isotopes Energy

The following table provides a comparison of the duration of various types of pipe radiographic testing. The table compares inspection time that has been conducted with film and an IR-192 Isotope, compared to inspections in the same locations, but conducted with Vidisco's RayzorX Pro digital radiography system using the same Ir-192 source.


Exposure Times Comparison Chart
Item Inspected Pipe Diameter Material Wall Thickness Liquid Content Activity Exposure Time
VIDISCO DR Solution (with Ir-192) Time to Image Film (with Ir-192) Excluding Developing Time**
Fire Water Hose 208 mm St 35 7.2 mm None 20 Ci 30 seconds 3 minutes
Glass Fiber Profile 700 mm Glass Fiber approx. 25 mm None NA 70 pulses * (about 4.6 seconds) 30 seconds
Process Water Pipe 150 mm ss2343 Total One Wall 6 mm Water 30 Ci 20 seconds 15 minutes
Steam Cooler 250mm+ insulation 10CrMo Total One Wall 40 mm None 70Ci 50 seconds 1 hour
Low Pressure Steam Pipe 400mm +insulation st 35 12 mm None 50Ci 30 seconds 20 minutes
Fuel Lye Pipe 100 / 80 mm ss 2343 6 mm Lye 20Ci 15 seconds 10 minutes

* Test conducted with pulsed XRS-3 source

** Exposure time only, not including film developing


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