Concrete X-ray Inspection in Construction


Concrete NDT inspections are required in buildings, bridges and other structures before coring, saw-cutting and drilling  in order to locate steel re-bars, post-tension cables, conduit or cables’ positions, or to verify that the re-bars’ size meet engineering requirements. Most concrete structures are fairly dense and require long exposure times with film combined with a radioactive (isotope) source, thus sometimes necessitating costly and time-consuming construction x-ray process as well as repeated reshoots.


Concrete Inspection


Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems are ideal for concrete inspection due to a combination of unique qualities such as high portability, easy set up in hard-to-reach locations and outstanding penetration.  Deep penetration allows dramatic reduction in exposure time as well as use of weaker sources of radiation such as a battery operated pulse X-ray source. Nevertheless, the systems are designed for operation at high energy levels including industrial X-ray sources as well as isotopes (IR-192, CO-60). High quality images are available on the laptop screen, enabling accurate and on-the-spot analysis.

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Concrete Inspection
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