Inspecting Works of Art with Portable Digital Radiography
In the Art world, fraud, authenticity and reconstruction needs to take place on a regular basis. When X-ray is required for these tasks, it can be most easily and effectively conducted with Vidisco’s portable digital X-ray systems.


With Vidisco’s systems, immediate, on-the-spot analysis is possible as top quality images are presented immediately on your laptop. The systems can easily be carried and set up in moments. The systems can be wire free as they are 100% wireless and battery operated. Vidisco’s proprietary software enables one click enhancements, easy transfer and sharing of images as well as some useful features such as image stitching, database organization and much more.


Art Authentication


Revealing past secrets with today’s technology has never been easier. An artifact can be inspected in its original location, lowering insurance costs and expediting the Non Destructive Testing (NDT) process. Movement of the priceless item is reduced to a minimum and risk of damage is lowered.

Art Inspection -Artifact NDT X-ray with Digital Radiography
Art Authentication - Digital X-ray Inspection for Art NDT
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