Vidisco Ltd., a leader in X-ray technology,  manufactures portable digital X-ray systems that meet all international standards. Vidisco’s systems are especially developed for NDT use and provide a solution for a wide variety of applications with low and high energy. Vidisco provides a selection of panels that operate with a single configuration, which answers the specific needs of different applications including detection of cracks, erosion& corrosion, FOD, composite materials and more. 




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Vidisco's digital radiography systems offer a complete solution to several challenges:


The Challenge: Fit for Field Use
The Solution

Vidisco’s systems are portable, lightweight, and can be set up in minutes.  An entire system packs into a single, easy to carry suitcase or backpack, which doubles as an operational platform. The systems are also rugged and robust and can function in all weather conditions.

The Challenge: See the Tiniest of Details
The Solution

Vidisco’s DR systems have outstanding image quality down to the smallest detail such as hairline cracks and tiny defects. Vidisco’s DR systems offer dynamic range of 14 and 16 bit, outstanding resolution of 75 to 143 micron, excellent SNR (Signal-to-Noise Ratio) CNR (Contrast-to-Noise Ratio) and fatigue check, further enabling superior images.

The Challenge: Alternatives to a Power Source
The Solution

Vidisco’s systems are 100% battery operated with more than 5 hours of battery operation, thus there is also no dependency on external power supply. The systems are also self-charging during AC operation. The system can even charge from a DC/AC vehicle inverter.

The Challenge: Instant Imaging
The Solution

Vidisco’s systems produce images within seconds and they can be analyzed on the spot. There is no need to wait hours (or days) for final results or return to the inspection site for reshoots due to inferior film results.

The Challenge: Operation from Afar
The Solution

Vidisco’s systems have  built-in wireless modules. An NDT operator can take an X-ray from 300m line of sight with no need for cables or wires in tight and elevated locations (aircrafts, ships, electrical power lines, etc.). Vidisco’s Plug and Play systems enable full synchronized control of various X-ray sources from the system laptop, thus minimizing the operators’ proximity to X-ray radiation.

The Challenge: Reduced Safety Zones for Minimal Facility Shutdown
The Solution

Vidisco’s portable DR systems produce outstanding images with reduced doses even with pulse X-ray source. This means that the safety zones are reduced so there are less area closures and minimal facility shutdowns. This saves both time and money in the production and/or maintenance processes.

The Challenge: Image Analysis and Management
The Solution

Vidisco’s proprietary, user friendly software features wall-thickness measurement tools that meet international standards, automatic stitching tools, image enhancement tools such as Auto Window Grey Leveling and more. The software also offers superior database management that allows images to be stored, retrieved and shared. Location photos can also be easily saved alongside the relevant X-ray images for the creation of annotations and reports. The database can be stored in the company network so others in the organization can explore the images.

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