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Experts in portable digital radiography systems 

For 30 years, Vidisco Ltd has been a leader in the design, development and manufacture of advanced portable digital radiography systems. The company was initially a subsidiary of Aran Electronics, which was founded in 1988 with the aim of providing a portable solution for radiographically examining unexploded shells after "hot" training in the Army of the United States Army. air. Vidisco is based in Or Yehuda, a city in central Israel and employs 40 people.


It is not surprising that Vidisco is the exclusive supplier of digital radiography systems to the Israeli Armed Forces and we are working closely with the Israeli Police and IAI (Israel Aerospace Industries). However, the majority of our sales are for export. Vidisco portable digital radiography systems are used in more than 75 countries around the world, performing a variety of functions.


The company sells its portable radiography systems in three markets: Manufacturing Control (CND), Safety Services and Veterinary Applications. Today, Vidisco continues to research advanced digital radiography technologies to maintain its market leadership position worldwide.



Innovation and technological superiority in the field of radiography 


Vidisco was the first company to introduce a portable digital X-ray system, first using video monitors and then, in the form of a computerized X-ray inspection system. Our systems revolutionized the field of radiography because, for the first time, radiographic images could be acquired in the field and viewed on site in seconds. Immediately obtaining the images provides an image cycle in one approach and the computerization of the systems allows the remote control of the X-ray inspection process, which helps to improve the safety of the radiologic technicians.


Vidisco kept its leading position in the digital radiography industry when, in 2001, we integrated amorphous silicon (a-Si) planar sensor technology into our product line, which became truly portable. Thin planar sensors provide improved image quality by providing a 14-bit dynamic range with reduced pixel pitch and excellent signal-to-noise ratio. In 2003 Vidisco went further and developed its Fox-Rayzor flat-panel sensor, bringing to the market a unique and exclusive screen that was even thinner than a radiographic film cassette, in addition to other benefits like minimal backscatter and the ability to work with high energy levels.


In 2004, we were the first to obtain two-level color radiographic images (Dual Energy) with a portable system and in 2008 we introduced the XR-DE module for dual energy radiographic imaging using sources Golden pulsed X-rays (previously considered technically impossible). In 2007, we introduced FoXrayIIe, the world's first 10-bit CCD system. In 2010 Vidisco launched its new X / X Pro product line, which currently includes 4 planar sensor systems in 8 possible configurations. Vidisco develops its proprietary software itself, constantly striving to integrate the latest state-of-the-art technology, using advanced image processing tools, into a simple and user-friendly interface.


The company places great emphasis on teamwork and ingenuity, building on its extensive military practice and the extensive professional experience of its employees (many of whom have been home for many years) in the three areas of the market, on which we focus our efforts. Vidisco is one of the oldest manufacturers producing portable digital radiography equipment, maintaining the quality excellence of its products, and providing good customer service in accordance with stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures that fully incorporate ISO 9001-2008 standards, a fact of which we are very proud.




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