VEO Software

The ultimate smart VEO software was designed in consideration of the operator’s needs: how to make the workflow efficient by simplifying capturing, and how to deliver the processed results in seconds. The software does the work for the operator and saves work time by providing intelligent features.


The VEO software is packaged together with the new generation of Vidisco systems, both for the security and NDT fields, alongside features that are tailored to the requirements of the various markets such as the Boeing standard for Aerospace NDT.


This software is so intuitive and user-focused that it has only three operating screens—the Capture screen, Image screen, and Gallery—making sure the work process is precise and effective. In addition, VEO allows expanding the workstation by remote operation from almost any smartphone or tablet, at a distance of up to fifty meters from the main workstation.


                                Gallery                                                                       Capture                                                                         Image                                                       




There is no need to invest much time enhancing the image, since the VEO has one touch filters such as the Expose filter and Xsight filter that rapidly provide clear images. 


Before VEO filter                                                  After VEO filter




Before Expose filter                                                   After Expose filter



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