Mobi Portable Computed Radiography System


Mobi offers top quality imaging capabilities at a very affordable price. Like other Vidisco systems, it is portable and designed for EOD unit vans. It is wireless and has a large imaging area, so it can be convenient for a great variety of applications. Mobi comes with the VEO software which allows the operator to intuitively enhance, transfer and store the images - on the spot. 

Mobi CR uses a phosphor imaging plate to obtain an image. The image is then scanned by the CR reader. Within a minute the image is displayed on the computer screen and can be digitally manipulated and analyzed. The digital images are ready to be stored, archived or sent on the spot. Operation can be done fully wireless and all elements are controlled through the software. Average scan time is between 52 to 86 seconds, depending on type of resolution, 86μ or 160μ.                      
The system has two operating modes, wired x-ray source or completely wireless, for user convenience at any terrain or challenge.                            



Mobi Technical Configurations*

Rugged Case (STD)

Extreme Temperature


Rugged case

Rugged case

Default Computer

Standard laptop (rugged laptop optional)

Rugged laptop


WXRe wireless adapter

WXRe wireless adapter

Extreme temperature resistance test: 5 to +40 degrees Celsius

Mobi Technical Specifications

Specification **


Imaging Area (mm):

Large: 35 X 43 cm (~14X17”), Small (optional): 25 X 30 cm (10X12")

Scanner Size:

68 X 45 X 34 cm (h,w,d) (~26.7X17.7X13.4”)


~6 lp/mm

Dynamic Range:

16 bit (65,536 grey levels)

Pixel Pitch (Low):

86 µm

Pixel Pitch (High):

160 µm

Robust, Field Design:


Battery Power:



USB - Data Transfer


Up to 300m

Support Vehicle DC/AC Inverter:



Plate Mosaic - Upon Customer Request


NEW! Proprietary VEO Software Designed for Security Operators


*When ordering a Vidisco Mobi system, the package includes: phosphor screen, phosphor screen scanner, operating system, AC cables, X-ray cable (default: Golden), laptop, ComBox, wireless adapter to x-ray source, x-ray remote cable, VEO proprietary software, backup and definition thumb drives, plate holder, user manuals & quick-start guide in English, 1 year warranty. System configurations are subject to market changes and manufacturer specifications.


 ** Specifications are subject to market changes and manufacturer updates



 The Mobi portable X-ray system is fully wireless communication. Learn more about Mobi operation modes by reviewing these connection diagrams



Setup Images: 

System components packed in a single case
System components packed in a single case

X-ray Images: 




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